Ok, this is just a placeholder for now, and these files make more sense if you understand how to do a mail merge in MS Office.

4epowertemplate.dot - This is a Microsoft Word template that's set up for you to put in your own powers and look like the SRD. I used Candara, one of the fonts that comes with Vista and the current versions of office. It's not a perfect match for the powers in the PHB, but it's a decent match. if you don't have it, jut alter the normal style to use Trebuchet MS, and that should update everything.

samplepowers.doc - This is an excel spreadsheet of some nonsensical powers I use for samples.

sampleset.doc - This is an example of the document template applied to the sample powers.

atwillform.doc - This is an example of a merge form - it's got a filter on the query to only grab the at-will powers. It should not be hard to extrapolate the others from this.

atwillsimple.doc - This is an example of the output. it has one entry, so it's kind of dull.

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